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LEGO Racers Intro

ТЕГИ: LEGO Racers Intro

LEGO Racers - Intro

The intro video for the racing game Lego Racers made by High Voltage Software in 1999.

Lego Racers 2 Intro

Lego Racers 2 Intro.

LEGO Racers: All Non-Intro Cutscenes

I couldn't find a video like this, and I needed one.

LEGO Racers intro (made in LEGO Worlds)

I recreated the LEGO Racers intro in LEGO Worlds. Special Thanks to Nektor on steam for contributing the 2 pirate ships you see ...

Lego Stunt Rally Intro

lego stunt rally intro.

Lego Racers Intro Re-Created

One of my childhood games now has a MIDI remix! Enjoy! Now on working on MIDI of the second intro.

Lego Racers Intro & Creation

Lego Racers Intro y creación de personaje.

Lego Racers Intro Recreated

Lego Racers intro created with real LEGO. All the figures are originals but please excuse the cars not being the same as the ones ...

Lego Racers 2 Intro

Lego Racers 2 is a LEGO racing video game developed by ATD and published by Lego Software. It was first released in ...

Lego Racers Intro

This is my first video upload. I'll do some vids of my magic show soon. This is a test. This is a video of the Lego Racers game intro.

Lego Racers - Captain Redbeard Intro (HD)

The intro of Captain Redbeard in Lego Racers 1. (N64)/(PC) It's an awesome game i used to play it very much but now im grown ...

Lego Racers Intro - Cookie Jar

I got bored one night so decided to make a vid on lego! lol!

Circuit Champions' Intros Remastered - Lego Racers

Pics taken by ciriucjoker: Loading ...

Custom Intro Video for Lego Racers *Tutorial*

This video is a tutorial for making custom intro videos for Lego Racers. Hope you like it! Please ...

LEGO Racers 1 [PC] 1080p COMPLETE Playthrough + All Movies/Intros

LEGO Racers 1 [PC] 1080p COMPLETE Playthrough + All Movies/Intros -------------------------------------------------------------------- The ...